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                                           Get Your Salary Onlinei

See your salary online

Haryana Government  Employee Check Your Salary&GPF Services,Employee Directory,E-Salary and many more online. 

                                                                 For new user
1. Go to website                                                                                                                         
2. Click on " New User Registration".
3. Then add your detail
   (i) Employee Type 
    a. HCS
    b. IAS
    c. other 
  (ii) Date of Birth. 
        (iii) Date of Joining.
         (iv) Salary Bank Account No.
         (v)  code shown in the image.
     4.    After this you will get User ID and Password on your provided mobile phone.
      if you already have User ID and Password, then go to . Then enter Your User ID  and Password. Then click on login button.

      Login Detail In This Window=


After that new window appear and from this window you can check your all detail.

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